This is a story about a young boy, who grew up spending the summers with his cousins, working on his Aunt & Uncles farm.  Farming has always been a passion of Shawn Peterson, whether it was working on the family farm or helping out the neighbors during harvest season.

Like many farmers who maintain farm equipment, Peterson had used many techniques such as the commonly used long blowpipe with an angled end to blow out dirty air filters from the inside out using compressed air~a process individuals and companies often use to extend the life of the crucially important, but expensive cylindrical air filters.

The process was effective, but very slow....and it also came with the danger of damaging the filter membrane by blowing pinholes in the filter~ a very serious side effect that could allow destructive dust to enter diesel engines!
"I guess I just saw a need for a better, safer, and more efficient way to clean filters", said Peterson.  Peterson has cleaned hundreds of radial sealed filters the "old fashioned" way....in fact, after finishing up harvest season in 2010 he quickly put on his thinking cap and went to work on designing a tool that would make his life, and the lives of many others,  much easier.  After all, who wants to spend 20 minutes cleaning out air filters after you just spent 12 hours in the field?  That is when it all began.

Shawn Peterson's original idea was to have a stationary, five way air splitter at the end of the blowpipe to spread the air in several directions, but that wasn't as effective as he'd hoped.  Eventually he hit on the idea of a spinning air head that would evenly distribute air and eliminate the danger of filter blowouts.  

The inspiration to use air pressure to spin air orifices at high speed came simply from watching a lawn sprinkler, which used the water pressure to spin and distribute water over lawns.
During the development stages, Peterson discussed the design and initially worked with a Chinese engineer to design a prototype spinning head.  The overseas connection was used to keep the design secret until a patent application could be completed.  Chinese machining, however, wasn't up to the company standards and all new versions of the filter cleaner are made now in the USA.

The latest version of the product features a smooth-spinning Delrin head mounted on stainless steel.  The Delrin contains Teflon, which allows the head to spin easily without the need for dust-collecting lubricants.  
"It may not look like much, but there is a lot of engineering in this device," Peterson states. 
Peterson has made strives in improvements over the last several years.  "We are now on our 3rd generation nozzle, we have upgraded our lid design, and changed our metal arms to poly/nylon arms."
All these improvements have made our tool stand alone in the industry.  Our heavy duty construction is designed for the working farm, or industry. The products we chose to build our tool are not ordinary, everyday items.  We chose these specialty products so that your tool will stand the test of time.   Our tool can easily be tossed in the back end of your truck, or left outside in the elements and will not be damaged. 

 We want YOU to keep using our tool, year after year....

From our farm to your farm ~ Happy cleaning!