Air Filter Cleaner is the most EFFECTIVE method to clean radial sealed air filters!

  • A dirty job for a CLEANER WORLD!
  • A dirty job for a CLEANER WORLD!
  • A dirty job for a CLEANER WORLD!
  • A dirty job for a CLEANER WORLD!
  • A dirty job for a CLEANER WORLD!

Built better, better price, just better.

Product Features


  • Safe & Effective

    Clean most filters in under one minute. Our tool safely cleans without damaging your filter. The rotating nozzle never misses a spot.

  • Economical

    The Air Filter Cleaner will save you money on fuel consumption and oil consumption, reduce engine maintenance, and extend filter life!

  • Environmental

    Our revolutionary method helps companies "Go Green" by extending filter life and saving landfill waste. Be the change you want to see in the world, future generations are counting on us.

  • Adaptable

    The AFC comes with several feet of tubing for you to cut to size according to your specific application and will fit numerous size radial seal filters. Flexible poly-nylon arms never cause harm to your filter.

Made from the toughest materials on earth, right here in the USA.

You will NEVER have to buy another rotating nozzle.

Use your air compressor

Our tool does it all!

in conjunction with your air compressor.

3 rotating arms to deliver 360 degrees of pressurized air, NEVER allowing the filter to receive a direct blast. The rotating nozzle discards dirt & debris from the inside of the air filter outwards.

  • Rotating nozzle is built tough...NO PLASTIC!
  • Precision Machined nozzle ~ LIFETIME GUARENTEE
  • Cleans in under 1 minute in most cases
  • Cleans multiple sizes with just ONE TOOL
  • Multiple feet of flexable tubing to customize your nozzle size
  • Tiered lid design to fit various filters

Our product serves a variety of industries

Who uses are air filter cleaners?


Farmers who need maximum productivity from their equipment turn to us in challenging environments.


Experienced fleet managers count on us to protect equipment in gritty construction and aggregate environments.

Sand and Gravel

Filters clog quickly when working with fine particles, let us help you maintain your equipment.

  • Best Customer Service

    Bought this tool when I saw the video. We already had several of the Air Blaster cleaners and were having issues with the plastic heads either breaking or failing to spin properly.

    The Air Filter Cleaner is so much stronger and works really well, even better than the other make. Our only issue is we clean a lot of different size filters so would have liked to buy separate rotating heads.

  • Quality Built Tool

    The AirFilter Cleaning Tool does a great job on cleaning filters. Quality built tool and easy to use. Great customer service and very knowledgeable of the product. Ordered the kit, received tracking number and within a few days product was at my door. Wish I would of ordered one sooner.

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Thank you for supporting our small family farm business.

We built our tool to last...year after year.
We guarantee it!