About Us

Air Filter Cleaner is a family-owned and operated small business that was founded by Shawn Peterson in 2012.

Meet Our Owner and Founder

Shawn E. Peterson

Shawn has always had a passion for farming. He spent his childhood working with his cousins on a family farm, as well as  helping out his neighbors during the harvest season. Today he spends his time working on his own farm and managing Pete Industries, LLC. All manufacturing, packaging and distribution is personally done on our family farm in South Dakota.

Shawn realized the need for a better, safer, and more efficient method to clean the air filters of various farming machinery. This inspired him to put his "thinking cap" on and create a device made exclusively in the United States that would help companies across diverse industrial sectors overcome the challenges of cleaning cylindrical air-breathing filters.

Our Core Values

We are a small family-owned and operated business, we prioritize our faith and customer service above anything else.

We believe in giving back to the community and genuinely care about our planet by adopting an eco-friendly approach. Our unique air filter cleaner not only lasts longer but is also more effective and reliable than any of its kind on the market.  We personally guarentee it.