Industries We Serve

A must have for agriculture, sand & gravel, forestry, construction, concrete, powder coating,mining, transportation and manufacturing companies! Dust collection units? We are here for you.

The Air Filter Cleaner represents a revolutionary method of cleaning cylindrical air-breathing filters utilizing a precision machined rotating nozzle. This tool kit is manufactured in the USA can be used with great efficiency across diverse sectors of industries, ranging from construction and agriculture to transportation, mining, concrete, sand & gravel and everything in between. If your equipment uses cylindrical filters....our tool is for you.

The Air Filter Cleaner not only makes the process of cleaning air filters much faster and easier but also reduces fuel consumption, decreases maintenance costs, and extends engine life to a great extent. In addition, this tool also allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing landfill waste for future generations.

The Industries We Serve:

  • Agriculture

    Farmers who need maximum productivity from their equipment turn to us in challenging environments.

  • Construction

    Experienced fleet managers count on us to protect equipment in gritty construction and aggregate environments.

  • Forestry

    Foresters and wood processors depend on AFC to keep their booms, bunchers, and loaders in peak condition in the toughest environments.

  • Manufacturing

    Using dust collector units? The air filter cleaner will start saving your company money after the first use. Stop replacing them and start recycling them. We have helped companies save over $30,000 the first time they cleaned and didn't replace. This is some serious $$$$

  • Mining

    Sustainable Maintenance Solutions to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint in the Mining Industry. Optimize your performance by cleaning the air filters in your large equipment. Mining is a dirty job, your filters are dirty...lets take a minute and clean them often.

  • Transportation

    AFC allows fleet managers to keep their trucks running at full efficiency while reducing operating expenses and downtime. The AFC will only clean filters that breathe air from the outside in. We then push debris from the inside out...reversing the air flow for maximizing cleaning.

  • Material Handling

    Material handlers count on AFC to provide maximum protection and productivity for their hardworking booms, loaders, lifts, and telehandlers.

  • Railroad

    Join the hundreds of railroad maintenance departments who have purchased our tool kit. Our tool will clean those dirty engine filters.

  • Military

    Lines of defense find it imperative to keep equipment running efficiently at all times.

  • Sand and Gravel

    Filters clog quickly when working with fine particles, let us help you maintain your equipment and improve your bottom line. Working in this environment means you need to clean filters everyday. Your engine will thank well as your profit & loss statement.

  • Powder Coating

    Start saving your company thousands of dollars replacing large filtration filters and recycle them by using our XL Air Filter Cleaner tool kit. The XL Air Filter Cleaner tool kit will fit most Donaldson systems and similar. The 40” Shaft add on is a must for these filters.

  • Concrete

    Optimize performance and reduce expenses through clean air filter practices for concrete machinery. Filters are expensive and not always available when needed. Our tool could save your company thousands of dollars every year.

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