Why AFC?

Air Filter Cleaner was created in the Midwest on our small family farm in 2012. It's true what they say about us in the Midwest – we have strong values and a strong work ethic. We've poured these values into the creation of the Air Filter Cleaner Tool Kit. We take a great deal of pride and stand behind each and every one of our tool kits.

Built better, Better price...JUST BETTER than our competition

it simply won't break

We only use the strongest materials.

Go ahead and drop it, let it fall out of the truck, better yet...let your hired hand use it! It will NOT break, we guarantee it.  

guaranteed to last

Precision machined rotating end

Our rotating nozzle stands apart from our competitor, just ask someone who owns "the other one" .

We would never ask you to buy another rotating end!

We do not even sell our rotating nozzle, we warranty it. Our nozzle is made of stainless steel and delrin – two of the toughest materials known to mankind. It just doesn’t break. Rotating end issues?? Just call our office and talk directly to a family member, we will assess the situation, then send in the nozzle for repair or replacement. Easy peasy! NO HOOPS to jump through!

The list goes on!

quality materials
Made in China??? NO NO NO

Our tool is made in the USA. The materials used to manufacture our tool kit are locally sourced.

We package and distribute every single tool kit ourselves, right here in South Dakota. 

Farmer Built

Our tool is farmer built, meaning…we use only the strongest and best materials. If you drop it…it simply won’t break.  

Tool desinged for the working man/woman

We don't offer a fancy case to store the tool in. Who has time to take it all apart and put it in cute case? Not our customer...time is money. Our tool is designed to put together and hang up next to your air compressor in the shop or throw in a service vehicle. It is made for the working man...no time wasted putting it together and taking it apart every time you use it...

Solid Shaft

Our shaft is solid IMC smooth conduit…no breaking…even if you try.  We tried the 2 pc shaft, but guess what? It breaks in the middle as soon as you drop it. We don't want you to buy replacement parts, that's just silly. One solid shaft, nothing fancy.

Lid is solid HDPE

Our lid is solid High Density Polyethylene. That means it is weather resistant…heat or cold…no worries. Mold and mildew resistant, it won't melt in the heat...or crack in the cold. Thinking about running it over with your tractor? Go ahead...you will still have a functioning lid.

Customer Service
We value our customers

Every single customer is important to us, and when you call…you get to talk directly to the owners. We won't put you on hold, transfer you to a different department, then drop your call....However; we might talk about the weather!

Built to last, not replace

We are not in the business of selling replacement parts... Now you might need to buy some extra tubing, and the male elbow couplers will wear out over time but everything else should outlast you.